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Well tempered is indispensable to perform baroque music.
In these temperaments, Meantone was more important temperament than others, because of long term use.

By using this app, you can investigate a precise numerical pitch value and sound of particular temperaments they are Pythagorean, Just Intonation, and especially Meantone etc.
And you can change a key by flicking a music view, so that you will understand how each degree's pitch change in each temperament's change.

How to use as follows:

-How to operate a music view
flick a music view left or right, changing a key.
flick a music view up or down, changing a clef.

-How to sound
Tap a music view where you want. After that, if you tap same position, the sound is off.
If you want to get a semitone up, select "#" from a selector above a music view. Getting a semitone down, select "b".
Tapping "All Off" make all sound off at the same time.

-How to select temperament
Choose from a center picker.

-About pitch display
In a Hz display, a real frequency is displayed. In a cent display, it displays a cent value against a keynote of current key, or pitch A. You can select a cent standard.

-Setting of tuning, a custom temperament
Turn on info switch then moving to setting view. In Setting View, you can change a total tuning and custom temperament.

Explanations of each temperaments:
1.Equal temperament
All semitone is 100 cents. Most general temperament on modern music.
2.Pythagorean Wolf:Eb-G#
It's based on perfect fifth pitch. Accumulation gap(wolf fifth) is placed Eb-G#. Wolf fifth means a particular fifth interval that is added Pythagorean Comma to perfect fifth.
3.Pythagorean Wolf:D-A
Wolf fifth are placed D-A. In a key C, Three triad, C-E-G, F-A-C, G-B-D are almost pure.
4.Just Intonation
Twelve degree's pitch aren't fixed. Each degree's pitch depends on a key. And an enharmonic pitch is different. For example, C# and Db are different pitch.
5.1/4 Syntonic Comma
General Meantone temperament. Wolf fifth is placed Eb-G#. The interval of major third are pure.
6.1/5 Syntonic Comma
A kind of meantone. Wolf fifth is placed Eb-G#. The interval of major third is little far from a pure interval.
7.1/6 Syntonic Comma
A kind of meantone. It's common on general baroque music. Wolf fifth is placed Eb-G#.
8.1/7 Syntonic Comma
A kind of meantone. Wolf fifth is placed Eb-G#. Very near to Equal temperament.
9.Werkmeister III
A kind of well tempered.
A kind of well tempered. D-A is shorter by syntonic comma.
A kind of well tempered. D-A, A-E are shorter by a half of syntonic comma.
12 Kirnberger(1779)
A kind of well tempered. C-G-D-A-E are same as Meantone 5th.
13 Custom
You can make your own temperament.

By the way, the icon of this app is a portrait of Monteverdi, a great baroque composer.