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Available languages: english - french

Scenario :

Mister action must once again fight against its eternal Enemy, the red hand gang.

The Red Hand gang have captured action City ! They use a giant mind controller to keep people under their control. Fortunately mister action is ready to act. For that, he must explore action city with his helicopter to collect cases of artefact that allow him to destroy the giant mind controller hidden in a secret base of the red hand gang.

But the Red Hand has set up defenses to stop mister action! The game will be difficult!

Crime will not pay !
Type: Arcade / Action

Collect cases through different levels by piloting a helicopter while avoiding fire from opponents.
Intuitive use of the gyroscope and the click screen to control the helicopter and fire.

Features :

-2 games type: scenario and fast games
-Environment : full 3D
-Good graphic quality
-4 environment through 20 different levels including 3 bonus levels.
-intuitive Control
-clear interface
-Several levels of difficulty, including a child-level enabling
the younger ones to play without the help of parents.
-Creation and saving of profiles available.
-Intuitive gyroscopic and-click screen
-Auto-Save in scenario type.