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Push Your Luck HD

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To celebrate the release of our new game Beer Run HD

Price drop

Fun … Fast Paced… Addicting……

20 Flashing Tiles….. 20 Flashing Prizes….. .Avoid the Kumbas……..

Game Play is easy

Press the Push Button to start the Selector Lights Moving……

20 Tiles will Quickly Flash Points, Prizes and Kumbas……..

Press the Stop Button to stop……. Avoid the Kumbas……

Quit at anytime to pocket the loot

2 different game modes to keep it fresh

Normal Mode
- Start out with 7 Pushes
- Score Points for successfully landing on Point Tiles
- Land on a Prize Tile and that prize is yours to keep in your Prize Locker
- Hit a Kumba Tile and lose it all (except for prizes)
- Quit at anytime
- Hits 5 Kumbas or use all your Pushes and the Game ends
- High Score Wins

Guts Mode
- Not for the Feint a heart
- Score Points for successfully landing on Point Tiles
- Each Push Increases Bonus Multiplier
- Every successful Push is multiplied by the Bonus
- Hit a Kumba and you lose it all
- Keep Pushing for higher points…. Or turn tale and run….

Full Stats on both Normal and Guts gameplay

Over 30 Different Kumba Sound Effects!!!

View Prizes won in the Prize Locker

Get 16 of the 20 Prizes and unlock the secret chamber to help get the last 4

Quit while you’re ahead.. .Or Push On for more Prizes

What will you choose?