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Arabic Browser for iPad

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Finally a BROWSER and KEYBOARD for all your ARABIC needs for the iPad!
This application supports landscape and portrait orientations.
You can use this keyboard to type in ARABIC. As you may know the iPad doesn't come with a native Arabic Keyboard.

There are different modalities to use this application; amazingly all in ARABIC!

✓ You can use the arabic keyboard to type in the text field below the URL spot. Then tap on the "notebook icon" to copy the arabic text into the clipboard so you can later paste it as desired in the browser.

✓ Type in the space provided a query and tap on the search icon to google it.

✓ Use this application as a regular arabic keyboard to type emails

✓ Make notes in arabic, in your iPad!

The possibilities are endless, and all at this great value for a limited time!

If you plan on typing long emails we strongly suggest you purchase our other application: "Arabic Keyboard"

This version of the application will enable the user to communicate perfectly in arabic. ALL CONTEXTUAL CHARACTERS such as the Isolated, final, medial and initial forms are included!

The Arabic alphabet is the script used for writing several languages of Asia and Africa, such as Arabic, Persian, and Urdu.
Incredulously, there is no default keyboard in this important language in the basic features of the phone. There is no other application that will enable you to browse the web in this language.
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We will be adding additional apps soon!