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Animal Trackers

iPhone / iPad
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Team Quarry has challenged Team Tracker to the ultimate tracking competition across 50 levels, from lush lawns, through grassland, across rivers, through snow, up mountains and beneath the sweltering heat of the desert sun to prove once and for all, which team is best.

With a parting taunt of "Catch us if you can!", Team Quarry has already made a flying start with Chicko, their first member, already on his way. Team Tracker has elected Foxy to take the first leg of the challenge and track down Chicko before time runs out and the trail goes cold.

In this timed puzzle game, guide each member of Team Tracker, each specialised in tracking two members of Team Quarry, by following the foot-, paw-, or hoof-prints that make up Team Quarry's trail. Beware, though, as Team Quarry isn't going to make things easy and so may have a few tricks up its proverbial sleeves.

Be prepared for doubled-back trails, trails disappearing down holes, multiple trails, trails that cross water, hedges that need to be hacked, boulders that need to be moved, switches that need to be flipped, snow that will slow you down and sand dunes that need to be negotiated... these are just some of the obstacles you'll be confronted with... plus in 'hard' mode, you'll have less time to do it in, so shortcuts will also need to be found.

There's now also an 'Explore!' mode, where the timer counts up instead of down. Take as long as you like and just explore the level, or try to complete it as fast as you can and beat your previous time. With no time limit, this mode is ideal for toddlers.

However, if you think you're a master tracker and are up for a challenge, why not rub in your ultimate victory by finding all 50 golden eggs hidden throughout the levels in 'hard' mode and wave them under Team Quarry's nose.


* 50 levels
* 5 different terrains, including lawns, grassland, snow, mountains and desert
* 10 different Team Quarry animals, each with its own unique tracks
* 5 different Team Tracker animals, each specialised in tracking two members of Team Quarry
* 50 golden eggs to find and carry to the end of the levels in the fastest time possible
* Choice of background sound track, including 3 fast paced tunes; ambient sounds, such as birds singing, wind blowing; or listen to your own music
* High score table detailing best score, stars achieved and egg discovered for each level
* Lots of achievements leading to graded titles awarded for mastering various aspects of the game
* Game Center support
* Twitter console for tweeting your scores
* 3 difficulty modes: 'easy', 'medium' and 'hard'
* New 'Explore!' mode, where the timer counts up instead of down
* Comprehensive help console with over 30 graphical pages of hints and tips, including close-ups of each quarry's tracks
* Graded rewards, from 1 star for finishing a level in 'easy' mode, to 3 stars for finishing it in 'hard' mode
* 3 control methods, including finger point, d-pad, and accelerometer tilt

So, have you got what it takes to guide Team Tracker to an emphatic victory and earn the most prestigious title of 'Maestro Grandslammer'?

For hints and tips, check out the Animal Trackers website: