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BloxStax is a falling object game. "Blox" fall from the top of the screen, and add to the "Stax" at the bottom.

If you need to stop playing at any time, it's OK. The game will save your current Stax and score. The next time you run the app it will resume right where you left off.


While the Blox are dropping, you can move them left and right, rotate them clockwise or counterclockwise, flip them over, or have them drop quickly.

You can control the Blox with the labeled touch areas on the screen.

The clockwise rotate and move right buttons are on the right edge of the screen.

The counterclockwise rotate and move left buttons are on the left edge of the screen.

Touch the screen near the bottom edge for the fast drop, or near the top edge to flip the Blox.

Touch in the center of the screen to pause the game.

The info icon brings up these instructions, and the gear icon gives you options to change the game.

You can also shake the iPhone to move the shape. Tilting the phone to the left or the right will move the falling Blox in that direction.

Scoring Points

You get one point whenever a Blox lands.
Rotating the Blox costs you a point each time you rotate it, so plan ahead!
Flipping the Blox costs you ten points, but at least be glad you can flip them at all!
Using the fast drop earns you twenty points.
You don't gain or loose points for left or right movements, including that last-minute slide trick everybody knows about.
If you fill a row, that row is removed, and you get 100 points.
If you take two rows with one dropped Blox, you get 300 points.
Three rows simultaniously is 600 points.
Four rows all at the same time will get you 1000 points!
Each time you take a row, the dropping Blox will move a bit faster. The drop speeds are indicated on the score board. They go from 0 (the slowest) to 20 (the fastest). If you can actualy play the game at 20, heck if you survive till 20, you are a better man than I, Gunga Din.


You can bring up the Options View by touching the Gear icon in the upper left corner.

You can select the size of the grid, from a small grid with few large cells, to a large grid with many small cells.

You can select different drawing styles or "skins" for the cells.

You can choose from three diferent game styles: QuadBlox, TriBlox, and PentBlox.

If you bring up the Options view in the middle of a game, it will start a new game.


This is a classic Tetrominoes-style game, where you drop the four-cell Blox into the Stax, and try to fill rows.


TriBlox is like QuadBlox, but simplier. Some days, you just want to zone out, and play an easier game.

The Blox consist of only three cells each, not four. To make it at least a little chalanging, you can not rotate or flip the Blox, just move them left and right.


PentBlox is like QuadBlox, but harder. Some days, you want something harder. The Blox consist of five cells each, not four. To make it a little less stressful, every once and a while you will get simple Blox of one or two cells that you can use to fill in dificult exposed holes.