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PhotoFun :)

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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PhotoFun is a unique Augmented Reality and photo edit Application that allows you to take ultra realistic live photographs with added props such as U.F.O's, Crazy Hair, Masks, Hats, Ghosts, Huge Fish and many many more.

59p for a limited time only.

U.F.O photographs have never been so realistic or simple to produce.

PhotoFun features 50+ realistic props that are added to your photograph in realtime.

Want to tell your friends that you have just seen a UFO over their house and have taken a photograph to prove it?
Want to take some ultra realistic halloween photographs such as Pumpkin head, Aparitions, Zombies or Witches?
Want to give your best friend a new hairstyle or moustache? What about the fish that got away? Every fisherman has one of those! Not any more!

Using PhotoFun, these all become reality. Our unique application has several objects that at a press of a button will appear on your camera screen in realtime to ensure the highest level of realism.

You can then scale, flip, move, blend and rotate the object until you are happy with it and take that amazing photograph.

Users have already done the following using PhotoFun.
* Added glasses onto their cat
* Gave their hamster a hat
* Placed rudolph antlers onto the lady next door
* Convinced the entire family over Christmas that there was a U.F.O in their town.
* Put a Hannibal mask onto their Gran
* Changed their partners hairstyles
* Freaked family out by making them believe there was a ghost in the bathroom
* Scared their sister by adding several huge zits onto her face
* Sunglasses on their baby

Plus much much more...

Camera Roll editing is now added which will allow you to add multiple props to your existing photographs making it easier to create that perfect photograph.

Using PhotoFun is very simple. Just add a prop, flip, scale, move, blend and rotate the object until you are happy then point and click your camera as normal. It really is that simple!

* Augmented Reality LIVE Photograph Mode

* Edit photos direct from Saved Photos

* Now features 52 props

* New blending filters Hue, Saturation & Lightness

* Flip Prop

* Multiple Props

* Categorised Props

* Easier Prop Selection

* iPod Support (Edit Mode)
* Facebook Connect

Props available
* Alien
* U.FO
* U.F.O 2
* Hard Hat
* Sombrero
* Ladies Hat
* Santa Hat
* Pilgrim Hat
* Top Hat
* Bunny Ears
* Devil Horns
* Angel Halo
* Mouse Ears
* Reindeer Antlers
* American Football Helmet
* Diving Mask 1
* Diving Mask 2
* Cunning Disguise
* Hockey Mask
* Hannibal Mask
* Pumpkin Head
* Male Hair 1
* Male Hair 2
* Male Hair 3
* Male Hair 4
* Male Hair 5
* Male Hair 6
* Male Hair 7
* Female Hair 1
* Female Hair 2
* Female Hair 3
* Female Hair 4
* Female Hair 5
* Female Hair 6
* Female Hair 7
* Long Beard
* Moustache
* Face Beard
* Geek Glasses
* Sunglasses
* Vampire Fangs
* Zit / Acne
* Grim Reaper
* Ghost 1
* Ghost 2
* Witch
* Zombie
* Crocodile
* Huge Fish
* Lion
* Garden Gnome
* Lottery Win
* Uzi