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Nutrition Workbench Pro HD

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Nutrition Workbench Pro is a comprehensive nutrition resource tool for Registered Dietitians, nutrition students, or those working in the field of nutrition.

With Nutrition Workbench Pro, you have the freedom to visit clients and patients anywhere and with immediate access to the tools and information needed to successfully assess and meet client needs.

Nutrition Workbench Pro gives you the tools to do your job any time … anywhere … instantly!

Nutrition Workbench Pro features:
•A tube feed tool that allows users to select Abbott or Nestle formulas or calculate tube feed rates by diagnosis. •An ADIME tool that allows users to create ADIME templates using International Dietetics Nutrition Terminology as well as formulate PES statements. (Includes all terms that can be found in the ADA IDNT reference book which sells for $35.00 for ADA members and $80.00 for non members).
•Multiple assessment calculators allowing users to quickly compare Harris Benedict, Mifflin, DRI and calories/kg. Assessment tools also include RMR tools using Ireton Jones 1992 and Penn State equations.
•A calculator/converter to quickly convert temperatures, weights and measures from any screen
•A meal analyzer to quickly determine your %RDA from your current meal
•A personalized diet plan that lets you or your client know just how much protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and fat they should have each day
•An extensive medical abbreviations, phytochemicals, supplements, and vitamins and minerals database…and much more. All information that is accessed from the toolbox, clinical, food science and food service databases can be quickly emailed or sent to notepad for further modification.
•ADIME tool •BMI and % wt change Tool •Quick; Energy and Protein Tool (with a comprehensive reference list of protein needs by disease state) •Harris Benedict vs. DRI vs. TEE/kg •Harris Benedict vs. Mifflin vs. TEE/kg •RMR Tool with Ireton Jones 1992 and Penn State Equations for ventilated and non-ventilated obese and non-obese pt.s •Converter/Calculator •Diabetic Diet Planner •Food/nutrient Data Base •Meal Analyzer •Personal Diet Plan •Renal Diet Planner •TPN and Tube Feed Calculators
•Medical Abbreviations •Adolescent Energy and Protein Needs •Anthropometrics •Assessing and ADIME terms •Diabetes •Dieting, Obesity, Bariatrics •Drug Interactions •Dysphagia Diets •Enteral Nutrition •GI Diseases •GI Sites of Absorption •Glossary of Terms •Hemodialysis •Inborn Errors of Metabolism •Infant Diet •Kidney Disease Dictionary of Terms •Kidney Disease •Lab Values and Medications •Label Reading •Leading Causes of Death •Metabolic Cart •Modified Diets •Peritoneal Dialysis •Pregnancy Energy, Protein & RDA •Pressure Ulcers, Burns •Refeeding Syndrome •RDA and AI Minerals, Vitamins, Fiber •Starvation, Trauma, Underfeeding •TPN FOOD SCIENCE
•Epidemiologic Studies •ETOH, Fructose •Food Additives •Free Radicals & Antioxidants •Macronutrients •Nutrient Interactions •Phytochemicals •Supplements •Trans Fats •Vitamins and Minerals
•Beef Retail Cuts •Food Prep Basics •Food Yield and Recipe Modification •Food-borne Pathogens •Glossary of Food Prep Terms •HACCP •Methods of Measuring •Pastry Pie Problems •Pork Retail Cuts •Sanitizing and Ware-washing •Serving and Measuring Utensils •Temperatures to Know •Weight & Volume Conversions