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Akashic Records Soul Meditation by Jafree Ozwald

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A Guided Journey into The Akashic Records
Clarity on Your Life Purpose and Mission..
Spiritual Answers to Your Relationships, Career, Finances, Health and Life Path...
Spiritually Enlightening Information that will Empower You!

Many have explained the ancient Akashic Records as containing magic, mystery, and a great occult power. It may be that, yet its also much much more... Exploring the secret hidden ancient records of information that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences you can have. All that is required is deep relaxation, a vigilant focus, an open mind, trusting heart, and the willingness to explore the unknown.

The information in these Akashic Records will appear differently each visit them. There is always a new angle to see the Universe at. Reading your own records can be one of the most exciting and amazing experiences of a lifetime since thousands of these condensed bits of information in each records can come into your mind consciously in an instant. It's that amazing, and a very expansive awareness and vigilant mind is absolutely necessary to stay present.

Everybody who ever existed in the world has contributed to the information that is contained within the Akashic Records. Our thoughts, experiences and actions were never private or owned by us. They are part of the global mind, energetic body and consciousness. People who have accessed the Akashic Records like Nostradamus, Quatzlcoatl, Rudolph Steiner, Mary Baker Eddy, Emmanuel Swedenbord, Edgar Cayce were "normal" human beings like you and me who decided to work this inner muscle and focus the direction of their mind is a way where this greater vast knowledge and consciousness was given freely!.

The good news is that everybody has the inherent ability to access the Akashic Records, yet like a muscle that needs exercise and training, it may not work at its optimum level on the first attempt. For me it took years of meditation before I was able to "stumble" into my first glimpse at thousands of my own lifetimes. These multi-dimensional hall of my records blasted through me during a meditation retreat in India in 1996. The most helpful aspect to discovering the Akasha was a very peaceful outer environment as well as a patient open mind and inner world. These are requirements to start this amazing spiritual journey inside.

Because everyone contains the power to access the Akashic Records, your personal records can also be accessed by anyone else. This informational super-highway is always open and free for all to explore. How does this actually work? The same way your T.V. can tune into the images and sounds from any broadcasting tower. You can pick up the information once your antenna is up and your Akashic channel is located. All that is needed to learn is how to relax and drop into a calm theta frequency (4-8 cycles/sec) to reach the Akashic Records.