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Ariori Calendar

iPhone / iPad
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Today is the center of the World.
You live now, in "Today" everyday, always, so why should you look for "Today" on your calendar?
With Ariori Calendar, "Today" is displayed at the center of the calendar - always. Why should your eye move?
We believe the calendar must move.

This app displays how much time has passed and how much time remains. You can quickly ascertain how many days remain in the current year, how many hours remain in the current month and week, and even how many minutes remain in the current day. When you tap the calendar, it will even let you know the previous last "tapped" day.

The Oriental Zodiac changes every day, month, year.
You can view three Chinese character pairs, which show the oriental zodiac for each year, month and day.
The first letter shows tree,fire,earth,metal,water
甲: Ki no to(Tree), 乙: Ki no e(Tree) 丙: Hi no e(Fire), 丁: Hi no to(Fire), 戊:Tsuchi no e(Earth),
己: Tsuchi no to(Earth), 辛: Ka no to(Metal), 庚: Ka no e (Metal), 壬: Mizu no e(Water) 癸: Mizu no to(Water)

The second letter shows 12 animals.
子: Ne(mice), 丑:Ushi(cow), 寅:Tora(Tiger), 卯:U(rabbit), 辰:Tatsu(dragon), 巳:Mi(Snake)
午: Uma(horse), 未:Hitsuji(Sheep), 申:Saru(Monkey), 酉: Tori(bird), 戌:Inu(dog), 亥:I(wild boar)
Old story tells us one of gods(In Japan, there are many many gods!) decided the order of animals at the new year.