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World Without Photoshop

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A UNIQUE INTERACTIVE iPAD BOOK Featuring a dozen Photoshop Masters. Immerse yourself into the artists process and experience how their work evolves from a world without Photoshop to a world with Photoshop!

OVERVIEW: Now 25 years old, Adobe® Photoshop® software has changed image editing forever. Can you imagine a world without Photoshop? Over the next twelve chapters you can see for yourself what some of the best digital artists work looks like without the software. Then with the touch of your finger The World Without Photoshop is transformed and you can see and hear the imaginations of these artists come to life in their work. Pinch and zoom into over 48 works by artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers and get their insights into how twenty years of Photoshop innovation have changed their world.

-See and hear the artists talk about their work
-Touch their work and slide your finger to experience the artists process
-Pinch and zoom to view the fine details of the work
-Over 50 Images with artist descriptions to delve into
-Get personal insights from Fine Artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers
-Visit artists' websites and social media pages

- In depth coverage of the 25th Photoshop Anniversery
- PLUS Russell Preston Brown's Photoshop ODDyssey Presentation!
- A 25 year Digital Design retrospective featuring Adobe software by the author
- Hours of Adobe Mobile app tutorials


MAGGIE TAYLOR is a digital artist whose images have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.

KOEN DEMUYNCK is a Belgian Brussels based commercial photographer. Working for over 15 years at the top Belgian Advertising sector.

JULIEANNE KOST is Digital Imaging Evangelist at Adobe, founder of, publisher of the Daily Photoshop and Lightroom Tip, and author of Window Seat.

ADHEMAS BATISTA is a self-taught digital artist that is world- renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style.

GORDON STUDER is an illustrator who has worked for many of the top corporate and editorial establishments.

JOHN PAUL CAPONIGRO is an internationally renowned fine artist. Author of Adobe Photoshop Master Class & DVD series R/Evolution.

PETER BARRETT is primarily a commercial advertising location shooter based in Miami. He has more than 15 years experience.

RUSSELL PRESTON BROWN is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. In his 24 years at Adobe, he has been key to the evolution of Photoshop.

LAURA KICEY is a photographer and artist. Her works have appeared in galleries internationally and been licensed by top companies.

OLLI-PEKKA JAUHIAINEN is a self-taught freelance digital artist & illustrator from Finland who has worked for many to corporations.

BERT MONROY considers himself a Hyper-realist artist. “Finding a new way of doing something and finding a new room in my imagination is what I love about the work.”

OLIVIA PARKER's images have appeared in more than 100 solo shows worldwide. Her work is in many museum collections.

Jerry is a pioneer in the art of multilayered imagery is best known for his seamlessly grafted composite images in black and white.

The new mobile device design division of Marcolina Design Inc, an nationally recognized leader in Print, Interactive and Video Design.