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Kids Puzzle HD Free

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Imagine that your young son or daughter

- is turning crazy in your car because you are stuck for a long time in the traffic,
- wants to leave the restaurant where the dishes takes forever to come, or simply that he/she
- would like to go back home while you are having fun at your best friend's anniversary party.

The best way to react is to grab your iPad and to launch "Kids Puzzle"!

"Kids Puzzle" is a game he/she will love and play for a long time without getting bored. After picking one theme (the winter, farm animals, the insects), he/she will drag-and-drop each item to the hole with a matching shape. In case of success, the corresponding sound from this item will be played.

You should choose one of the two difficulty levels (in the most difficult one, items need be rotated and scaled).

Last but not least: as future updates will bring "Kids Puzzle" (full version) even more themes, your son or daughter will be given the opportunity to discover items from very diverse fields, and will not soon get tired of it!