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Flavour Colours: Chinese food and wine pairing by Simon Tam

iPhone / iPad
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Bringing the acclaimed Flavour Colours food and wine pairing methodology to the iPhone and iPad, the Flavour Colours app takes the mystique out of matching wine with Chinese food. Get practical pairing suggestions fast in real-life situations.

The Flavour Colours pairing concept is the brainchild of Simon Tam, a leading Greater China-based food and wine expert. The concept considers taste holistically: not just the science of four basic flavours but also seasonality, our mood and our individual expectations of what will make a good match.

Flavour Colours divides wine and food flavours into just four categories: Blond, Ivory, Tan and Brown. By accurately defining which colour tone each food and wine belong to, pairing them is made simple and 90% accurate.

This new app brings the simple yet ingenious Flavour Colours concept to everyone, making it finger-tappingly quick, convenient and fun to pair Chinese food with wine in any setting.

Flavour Colours 採用革命性的思維方式來配對美酒佳餚,令iPhone及iPad在數秒鐘內成為中菜葡萄酒配對專家!

Flavour Colours創意人是大中華食品葡萄酒搭配專家Simon Tam,獨特之處是以我們對食物及美酒結合的整體感覺為依歸,將所有葡萄酒和美食味道規劃到 Blond,Ivory,Tan 和 Brown四個色區。只要精確地區分美酒佳餚所屬的顏色,那配搭就變得十分簡易,可達90%準確度: 一個Brown食品可搭配任何一款Brown葡萄酒,而Ivory葡萄酒則可匹配任何Ivory的菜餚。

這應用程式將Flavour Colours簡單而又巧妙的概念帶給用家,只需輕按一下就可以迅速地準確配搭美酒佳餚。此版針對中國菜餚與葡萄酒搭配。但這概念適用於任何菜式,我們將會在未來版本為你提供。

You're in a Chinese restaurant and thinking of having roast pigeon. But what wine will go with it? In seconds you select the dish and Flavour Colours shows you 5 matching wines. If the restaurant doesn't have those, tap to see another 5. Even if the wine list is short you will quickly find something that matches. You're in a wine shop and you want to buy a Burgundy. But what dishes might you prepare to match? You rapidly look up the wine in Flavour Colours and get 5 matching dishes. Don't like those? Tap for 5 more.

Flavour Colours is that simple, and it works in the real world.

你在一家中菜館,應用甚麽酒去配對燒乳鴿?只要在Flavour Colours先選菜餚,它會即時建議5款匹配的酒, 如果餐館沒有這些酒,只需輕按一下,它會提供另外5款酒。即使酒單是非常簡單,在數秒鐘內你一定可以找到合適的酒款。又或者你在酒舖內,想購買一瓶勃艮第紅酒,但應煮甚麼食品與它配對?你只需到Flavour Colours查看,它會即時提供5個配搭。不喜歡那些建議?輕按一下它便提供另外5款菜式。

Flavour Colours就是這樣簡單易用。

- Easy-to-use, fun, educational
- Select a dish or wine; 5 matching wines/dishes are picked randomly. Tap for another 5.
- Almost 300 Chinese dishes and over 1200 wines, all carefully categorised into the right 'colour' by Simon.
- Most wines are shown at region level. You can confidently choose any available label within a regional category.
- Save your favourites. Add comments and ratings. Share your thoughts.
- Powerful search
- Native for both iPhone and iPad

- 易於使用,寓教育於娛樂
- 先選食品,它會隨意抽取5款可匹配葡萄酒。再按一下,便會建議另外5款。又或可選葡萄酒,查看可匹配的菜餚。
- 內置近300款中國菜餚和超過1200款葡萄酒,全部由Simon Tam仔細規劃分配至正確的色區。
- 大部葡萄酒都是在產區層面,用家可放心選擇任何產區內的品牌。
- 可儲存’個人最愛’,更可寫下評語和評級。
- 全面搜索功能
- 應用程序適用於iPhone和iPad