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I went pipi HD

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Have you ever wet the bed? Did you you know that many children –if not all- have problems with bed wetting? Even your parents, when they were little, used to wet the bed! Now you can read this wonderful and interactive story of a little boy named Victor who is having problems with wetting the bed.

I Went Pipi is a story of a very cute little boy, with overactive imagination, who thinks that he goes to the bathroom to pee, but when he opens his eyes he realizes it's morning and he is in his bed, and he discovers a rather unpleasant surprise. What has happened to this poor little boy? Just find out by reading this very cute and reassuring story!

How can you address the issue of wetting the bed with your toddlers? But above all, how to play down the importance of it?

'I went pipi' is just the perfect eBook app! This very funny and interactive story will show your child that they're not the only ones to have been through this kind of incidence, and will allow them to enhance their self-confidence.

'I went pipi' is also an indispensable application for children´s creative and imaginative capabilities and development as well. It will teach children the bases for reading in an interactive and funny way; a clever combination between entertainment and learning, which will introduce the toddlers with the exciting world of multimedia in a way adapted to their age and capabilities. They (and you by the same way) will just love it!!

Just tap the screen to discover a lot of funny moving animations!

- Original, sweet and entertaining story.
- Colorful graphics interface.
- A lot of funny animations and sounds per page.
- Handwritten and capital letter script to get children used to both styles.
- Give life to the characters by tapping them!
- Peals of laughter insured for the whole family!

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"Recommended Ages:4-7"
Categories: Book, Classics.