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If you are looking to quickly and easily track your time spent on various projects or aspects of your life, TimeTrackerHD is for you. Many time tracking solutions are overly complex and add significant overhead to your life. TimeTrackerHD is designed from the ground up to track time for you and stay out of your way the rest of the day.

A clear, clutter free interface built with simplicity and touch controls in mind puts all important information right at your fingertips. Select a group, tap "start" and come back whenever you are done to tap "stop". In the mean time, TimeTrackerHD can be suspended and closed. You can even restart your device. TimeTrackerHD always tracks your time to the second.

Groups can be configured to fit any needs. Be it different projects at work or time spent cooking and playing sports. Or mix both! TimeTrackerHD allows you to exclude and include groups from the current selection with a single tap. Choose group names and colors that match your taste.

The 7 day overview always keeps you updated on how much time you are spending on things and how much time you have spent over the past week. The separate detailed statistics screen allows you to see total times, percentages and graphs for any day, week, month or other timeframe you want to see.

Naturally, TimeTrackerHD handles all irregular time events such as daylight savings time and timezones.

While the interface is intuitive and self-explanatory, TimeTrackerHD still includes a comprehensive help section - just in case you want to dig into a specific feature.

Tracking time has never been this easy!