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Pics Aloud

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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A picture to speech communication system for non-verbal or verbally challenged users. Pics Aloud is a fantastic communication product that will help individuals convey their wants, needs, and feelings to those around them. The Pics Aloud interface was designed in conjunction with special needs educators and has been proven with users. By simply selecting the picture of the item they want to express users will hear a voice speak the words on their behalf giving a new freedom of communication.

Pics Aloud comes with 118 images pre-loaded in the application along with two easy to understand voices, one male and one female. The system is fully customizable in that you can upload your own photos and voice within the easy to use interface.

This iPhone application is effortless to carry with you and straight forward for the user. The picture to speech system built into the Pics Aloud application supports communication with anyone with special communication needs from autistic individuals to those with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and children who have not yet mastered English.

The application comes preloaded with a set of stock images and sounds. A helper can modify and add to these images/sounds to create two additional custom sets. For example, one set could be tailored for home use and the second could be tailored for use at school. Or, one set could be recorded in the helper's voice and one set could be recorded in the user's own voice. In addition to the main set of images, up to 100 images may be added to the schedule page. Thus keeping the user on track with a visual schedule that can be referred to at any time.

The application initially starts in edit mode (intended for use by a helper.) Once done editing, the editing feature can be turned off so the user does not accidentally change the environment, delete images, or change settings.

If you have ideas for specific images, important features, or usage changes please contact the author through the button on the configuration page.