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Pirates Life

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Action
  • Adventure
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Ready to start making a name as the Fearsome Legend of the Seas? Want to experience what it is like to engage in Sea Battles with cannons going off, debris flying by and lots of booty to be earned? In Pirates Life you will become a captain with revenge on your mind. Work your way up to the best ship and defeat Captain Bones, the one that destroyed you, but made the mistake of letting you survive the attack.

Pirates life will give you the chance to see why games on a touchscreen are AWESOME! You can SWIPE your fingers over cannons to fire them, SLICE to cut ropes from enemies who want to board your ship, TAP to pick up loot from the water and DRAG your ropes to take over ships. All the gestures you find in other games are combined in this one to make battle intense and fun. And is does not stop there…

When not in battle you can upgrade your ship MORE than 110 times on different attributes. You also need to repair you cannons and ship after taking damage in a robust damage system.

Your enemies won’t sit still as you go up in ranks, Pirates Life has a AI sytem that will increase the challenges and make sure the game won't get boring.

The Autosave feature provides you with the luxury of never having to manually save, without the risk of losing your progress. It’s easy to pick up for 5 minutes while you wait for the bus, or for hours on the couch.

Are you a good enough pirate to work your way in the leaderboards? Pirates Life is fully connected to Gamecenter and will reward you with more than 30 achievements and several leaderboards for points and gold.

It takes a few minutes to learn the game rules with the Tutorial and then hours can be spent in Pirates Life to get all the game offers. For the full experience we do recommend to use a headset for the Epic Musical tracks and all the sound effects.


✓SWIPE over your cannons to fire them
✓SLICE the ropes
✓TAP gold in the water
✓DRAG the ropes to the ships
✓Auto save function, no need to think about this
✓Upgrade over 110 times on several attributes
✓Repair & Damage system
✓AI system to enchance gameplay
✓6 epic musical scores to entertain the ears
✓Lots of Battle sounds
✓Leaderboards & Achievements trough GameCenter
✓Sharp high resolution graphics to show of the new iPhone/iPod retina display