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Tail Gunner HD

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Tail Gunner HD is an exciting shoot-em-up that places you in charge of the rear gun turret of a B17 Bomber in the skies over war-torn Europe in 1943.


PLEASE NOTE:If having installed the game, you find that it crashes immediately after take off, please reboot your iPad and try again - this should sort the problem. If you are still having problems, please contact us on BEFORE leaving negative feedback.

Please also note that whilst the game currently ships with the first mission only, others will follow and the level is VERY long!


Tail Gunner HD is a tilt-controlled game that requires you to simply tilt the iPad to look at an enemy and a screen touch to automatically target and shoot. It only takes minutes to learn and you'll be racking up high scores in no time at all.

For game play videos visit:


Tail Gunner HD is rendered in 3D and uses an advanced Physics Engine so it is a very realistic experience. The game is designed to be played whenever you have a few minutes spare and can even be played one-handed.

Once you have started your chosen mission, you will have to defend yourself against the latest and most secret weapons the Luftwaffe can throw at you including secret rocket-powered manned missiles!

To complete your mission, you must fight off the enemy planes until you reach your intended target and the bomb aimer can do his job.


* "Intelli-tilt" Artificial Intelligence enemy targeting. It's like the iPad is reading your mind
* 3D Graphics and stylish art-deco visuals
* Comprehensive training guide teaches you everything you need to know
* Very quick to learn, very hard to master gameplay
* Multiple enemy planes and flight modes
* Multiple ally planes to avoid
* High score recording
* Dramatic orchestral music
* Exciting sound effects

****** COMING SOON ******
- New Levels
- More "Easter Eggs"