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LDS Bingo HD

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LDS Bingo HD

It’s the LDS General Conference Classic come to your iPad! Want your child to pay attention, learn something, and have fun doing it? That’s the promise of LDS Bingo HD.

LDS Bingo HD isn’t just for General Conference! Play LDS Bingo HD in any LDS setting where you want to encourage listening to a speaker. Let your child play LDS Bingo HD while you:
• Listen to Conference talks in the car
• Attend a fireside
• Have a presidency meeting
• Listen to hymns
• Give a Home Evening lesson
• The possibilities are endless!

LDS Bingo HD is fun for all ages, and it’s fun with a purpose.

The Fun
• Check off the images on the game board to get a Bingo or a Blackout
• It’s fun to win!
• Sounds reward game completion (if sound is on.)

The Purpose
• While fun for children (and adults), the larger purpose is to focus attention on the words of a talk, speech, or song.
• For the player to check off spaces, she needs to be paying attention to what’s being said.
• LDS Bingo HD is the answer.

Game Play
• Check off images as a speaker mentions the word the image represents
• Choose from two modes of play, Blackout or Line
• Choose from two sizes of game board, 4x4 or 5x5 spaces
• On the 5x5 board, you can choose to have a Free Space in the center
• The smaller game is best for shorter talks, or for younger children with short attention spans
• Usually played alone, one player competing against himself
• This is not a multi-player game, however, two or more players can compete by starting their games on their own iPhone or iPad at the same time and seeing who gets a Bingo or Blackout first. Note that each player would have a different arrangement of images on their game board

Here are a few of the game images:
• Book of Mormon
• Family
• Jesus Christ
• Temple
• Church
• Atonement
• Sacrament
• Baptism
• Love
• Holy Ghost
• Tithing

In the HD version, the images are larger and are labeled with the image name just like the paper version.

See for the complete list and a gallery of the images.

Let the fun (and attention) begin!

Check out LDS Bingo for the iPhone, with its smaller graphics and more discreet device size. Get it on the iTunes store now.

Note: Although anyone is welcome to download and play LDS Bingo HD, it is intended for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormons).