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EZ Interest Calculator

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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"Compound interest is the greatest mathematical discovery in history." – Einstein

Simple and intuitive interface with this calculator, everyone may calculate followings without the knowledge on complicated equation or terms.

☛ calculation of deposit, savings deposit (simple interest, yearly compound interest, monthly compound interest) (including tax)

✎ This calculator does not just calculate interest.

✎ Please select one element among principal, interest rate, period or total amount.

✎ You may calculate the element you want to know.

✎ If you just enter three elements in the form, the calculator will indicate the other element you want to know together with monthly amount and graph beautifully.

✔ What is the accumulated value of a series of payment of USD1,000 each month, accumulating at an interest rate of 10% per year, for 10 years.

✔ How much monthly payments should be paid to yield an accumulated value of USD50,000 at the end of 5 years assuming interest rate 7% per year.

☛ You can calculate all the answers you want know without financial knowledge with the calculator.