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Knights vs Knightesses

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Knights vs Knightesses is a fun, real-time action battle game for two players. Played on a single shared iPad, you and your friend play a female or male medieval army and try to conquer the opposing village. (Ever since the Grey Goose incident, the male and female members of Fordunian society live in separation!) Strategic placement of soldiers like the Knight and Knightess, Berserker, Wizard, Archer and Unibird will be crucial to your win -- as will be a quick tapping finger to perform your battle attacks! Just put your finger on the action icon when it appears over your warriors, and you'll be able to trigger sword slashes, arrow shots, magic attacks, hold up a shield, or roll the drum to motivate your team (see a video at But keep your cool, or the opposing gender will enter your village, and then it's "Makra'r Bakk" for you (this Fordunian proverb roughly translates to "scrambled eggs in a broken pan", but be careful how and where you use it).