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Course For Propellerhead Record

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With Record 1.5 Propellerhead Software has added full-featured professional audio recording to their suite of music production software. And we at are excited to introduce you to G.W. Childs IV who will show you all the potential power locked up inside this awesome new DAW!

The name says it all: “Record” is a full featured audio/midi recording software package designed for the recording musician. It has unlimited tracks, a powerful mixer modeled after the SSL 9000K with FX, EQ and dynamics processing on every track. And if you own Reason, you can also access every synth and effect in Reason’s rack! The sonic possibilities are, well, astounding! is excited to bring you G.W. Childs IV, a Reason & Record power-user, to introduce you to the potential power locked up inside this awesome new DAW! From basic set-up techniques to audio Time Stretching and Blocks, G.W. gets you started recording and producing your ideas into final tracks with Record!

G.W is a music industry heavy-weight whose credits as a sound designer include Lucas Films, remixes for James Brown & Razed in Black, and other productions that span the musical spectrum. He comes to directly via our friends at Propellerhead Software (the developers of Reason and Record) who personally recommended G.W. as the man in the know when it comes to Record!

Now with Record every musician has the essential tools required to produce music that sounds like it was recorded and mixed by a big studio engineer. So join G.W. Childs as he shows us how to harness the power of Record to turn our tracks into solid platinum!

01. Understanding what Record Is
02. Setting up your Audio Device
03. Setting up your MIDI Controller
04. Setting up a Template
05. Tips for using Multiple MIDI Devices
06. Changing the Location of your Scratch Disk
07. Navigating the Three Main Windows Of Record
08. Understanding the Main Mixer Window
09. Understanding the Sequencer Window
10. Understanding the Rack Window
11. The Transport
12. The Tool Window
13. Regroove Mixer
14. Setting up your Click Track
15. Using the Guitar Tuner
16. Record an Audio Track
17. Setting up an Insert Effect
18. Record a MIDI Track
19. Applying Quantization to a MIDI Track
20. Recording a Guitar, Recommended Steps
21. Recording a Bass, Recommended Steps
22. Recording Vocals, Recommended Steps
23. How Time Stretching Works
24. Editing Audio Tracks
25. Working with Lanes
26. Working with Blocks
27. Using Comp Mode
28. Using Automation with Audio Tracks
29. Using Neptune as a Pitch Correction Insert
30. Controlling Neptune with a MIDI Controller
31. Editing MIDI Tracks
32. Using Snap To Edit MIDI and Audio Tracks
33. Converting a Song to Blocks
34. Understanding the Input Section
35. Setting Up a Compressor, why you need it
36. Setting Up your Gate, why you need it
37. Working with the EQ Section
38. Setting Up Master Section Insert FX
39. Setting up FX Sends, why you need them
40. Export Song as Audio File