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Squramble is a word game that presents a grid of mixed-up letters. You need to find the valid words that are hidden in the grid by choosing letters from left to right.

The challenge is that you MUST USE ALL THE LETTERS IN THE GRID!

Squramble can be played in grids of 3-by-3, 4-by-4, and 5-by-5, as well as non-square grids such as 3-by-5, 4-by-3, etc. The game chooses 3, 4, or 5 words respectively, mixes them up, and expects you to find them all. If you don't pick the same words that the game chose, you probably won't be able to use all of the letters, though it is quite possible you can complete some puzzles by coming up with your own! Remember, select your words as if you were reading them, left to right.

Tap the HINT button on the game screen to see the process in action. Once you have the hang of it, tap out the words you can find. Every letter "button" will do something when you tap it, so don't be afraid to back up, change your direction, change your mind, UNDO, ask for a hint, or use a shortcut!

Squramble has an EASY PLAY mode where you can do as many puzzles as you wish (with three levels of difficulty), a TIMED mode where you see how quickly you can complete any five puzzles, and a SCORED mode where you try to achieve a high score by completing words and puzzles as quickly as possible.

There are many unique RIBBONS to be earned by beating the highest scores, completing puzzles with words from sets, and working out solutions that are valid but differ from the ones that the game chose.

Squramble is a universal app that works on iPhone, as well as iPhone 4 Retina and iPad with high-resolution graphics.

The app has no advertisements and will not nag you to purchase anything. The free version is limited to puzzles with words that all start with A, B, or C, but there's a whole lot of game with just those three letters. if you wish, you can buy the full word list via in-app purchase, for the price of one song on iTunes.