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Deals should be easy. Deals should be social.

If your friends find a killer deal you should be able to know about it with ease. Shoot, they should be able tell you about it with ease. Heck, You should be able to share the deals you find with ease. Let's save money together with ease. It's not so much like that today. Why not?

So, here we are, We're a few technology minded folks who love to shop and get killer deals. We're looking to make deals easier for everyone from shop owners to their customers to shoppers and your friends. We want to be really good at helping you save money. And we want you to be really good at helping others save money. is founded as a test... as a curiosity. We don't know if this is going to work but we're delighted to welcome you to the process.

(You're still reading? You're nuts!)

So, what are we testing?
We're going to see if an app that makes sharing deals as easy as taking a picture can also make finding and getting deals crazy easy for all of us. Seems easy. Yep, it does.

Join the community.
Grab the app, grab an account, friend up your best deal hunting buddies and start snapping photos of the deals you find and sharing them with your friends.

We still have lot's of work to do, but we hope you'll give us a spin. If you love, tell your friends, bus driver, flight attendant, and favorite shop owner. If you don't love us or you have ideas/tips/comments for us please don't hesitate give us the inside track via And, of course, let your friends know of the deals you find by using

So, add and share the deals you find. Easy. Follow your friends so they can do the same Easy. Let's all get better deals together. Easy.

Deals should be easy. Deals should be social. Let's make them that way together.