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RoundPairs HD

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"RoundPairs HD" is a game of skill that consists to hit shapes with the same color that move in the sky, in three dimensions, touching them with your fingers.
With "RoundPairs HD" you get the feeling of flying in surreal atmosphere, surrounded by music and sounds relaxing and engaging.
You will have to fight against time and against the speed of the multi-colored shapes, you can use special items to recharge your energy or for the parallel selection of all shapes flying in the sky.
You will need to be precise and quick in the identification and selection of colored shapes to increase your energy and your score of the game.

The world of "RoundPairs HD" awaits you!

Select pairs with the same color

1. Touch with one finger: selects/deselect the shapes (the selected shape has a white rect around)
2. Drag one finger on the screen: deselect all the selected shapes
3. Touch with two fingers: deselect all the selected shapes / select a second shape

1. Yellow star: all the shapes on the screen disappear and become game score
2. Red star: recharge energy

1. Increase: if correct pairs are selected
2. Increase: if a yellow star is selected
3. Decrease: with time
4. Decrease: if wrong pairs are selected

when you lost all the energy

1. Resume game
2. Game pause
3. Game Menu

- Multi-Touch game
- 11 sound tracks
- Special effects
- 10 game levels (+ 1 special final level)