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Kids Can Learn Times Tables

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  • Education
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Kids Can Learn Times Tables helps students learn the multiplication table. Many students today do not know their Times Table because they rely on calculators and other electronic devices. Some of these students run into difficulties learning Algebra or higher math because they do not know their simple multiplication, which they need to pass exams and quizzes. Students should not spend time trying to remember 12x11 when they should be spending the time solving an equation. We’ve discovered that the difficulty with memorizing the Times Tables is that students tend to concentrate on the easier numbers instead of the more difficult ones, even after they have mastered the easier numbers. So we designed a Times Table approach where students spend time concentrating on memorizing the numbers they do not know.

Students can select the Times Tables from 3x3 to 20x20.

As students master one Times Table, they can learn the next one. Students do not return to the previous Times Table so no time is wasted remembering how to multiply numbers they have already mastered.

Scoring can be turned on or off for parents who do not like to use a point system.

Speech is included so students can hear the multiplication to help them remember.

Tests include multiple choice and fill in the blank.

Tests are only 10 questions long to keep students from being bored.