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Mood Interpreter

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Productivity
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The Mood Interpreter is a revolutionary new app that will change your lifestyle for the better. With just a glance at this easy to use and intuitive app, you will be able to visually see how your day is going in terms of your stocks; favorite (and least favorite) sports teams from the nfl, nba, mlb, and nhl; weather in your local area; events on your iPhone calendar; and even how your friends' mood is.

The Mood Interpreter is fully customizable, you can pick which teams you like and don't like, the types of weather you prefer, what stocks you own, and what event types in your calendar brighten your day, and which ones don't. You can even add a friend to your buddy list and tell their live mood so you can say decide whether or not you want to bug your boss about an upcoming raise.

You can even post your mood to facebook so people will cheer you up if your in a bad mood.

How To Use:
To use the Mood Interpreter, simply launch the app and either sign up as a new user, or login with an existing account. It will immediately load some data with preset weather and stocks. You can change any of the categories by taping the icon in the top bar and adjusting the intuitive settings. As you add your information you will see little colored boxes for each category which you can scroll through. The title of these boxes, for example AAPL for apple stocks in the stock category, tells you what the item is and the color gives you a rough estimate of how that item is doing (Red is bad, green is good, yellow is neutral, orange closer to bad, yellowgreen closer to good, etc.) you can also tap on these boxes to get a closer look at the data. For example, the stocks will show the percent change and the weather will show the weather forecast, a predicated temperature, and an icon for the weather type.There are also multiple pages of categories which you can access by swiping left and right (rather than up and down to browse the items in a category). Finally, click the refresh button on the bottom left to reload the data and the menu on the bottom right to see your overall mood and publish it to facebook. Overall the app is very natural to use and no real help should be necessary, but shoot us an email should you need it or request any features.




*****5 different categories and more to come in the forever FREE updates!******

Includes more categories, twitter support, rearranging the categories, and more plus any requests you give us before we submit it!!!