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Team Bleep Test

iPhone / iPad
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NOTE: The UK Fire Service has recently changed their bleep test specification to follow the 'Standard Bleep Test' included with Team Bleep Test, so if you are training for the UK Fire Service please use the 'Standard Bleep Test' and not the 'UK Police and Fire 15m Test'. Thank you.

Team Bleep Test is from the developers of the original Team Bleep Test software for PC which was first released in 2004 and is now used by premier national league teams for many sports around the world.

A selection of app store reviews from our range of bleep test apps:

★★★★☆ - ❝Great little app for the price. Am in the british armed forces and wanted a reliable and accurate bleep test trainer. Tried and compared it today (uk and australian version only) against an official bleep test cd and it's exactly the same. Sweet!!!!!❞ by Fishnavy

★★★★★ - ❝I'm a x-country runner and it is pretty good for your stamina and sprint finish … well done great app❞ by Gaganster

★★★★★ - ❝… contains all the required tests and works really well❞ by Martin Thomas

Team Bleep Test allows you to run any type of Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) for any sport, record scores for teams of up to 40 players during a test, setup multiple teams/groups of players and view previous scores on a graph to track player and team fitness over the season.

• Standard Bleep Test - The original bleep test/MSFT, defined by Luc Léger in 1984.
• Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery (IRTL) Levels 1/2.
• Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance (IETL) Levels 1/2.
• UK & Australian Bleep Test - Most popular bleep test in Australia and the UK.
• UK Police & Fire 15m Test - Used as part of the Police & Fire Service recruitment process in the UK.
• Or use the powerful script feature to create your own bleep test.

✐ NOTE: We have worked hard to compare and match the bleep tests in our apps with official bleep test CDs to ensure their accuracy.

• Run a bleep test anywhere, without having to carry around a CD player.
• Choose from a selection of standard bleep tests including the standard 20m Bleep Test, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery, Yo-Yo Endurance and the 15m bleep test used by UK Police & Fire Services.
• Create your own custom bleep test using the scripts tab and run any type of bleep test designed for any sport.
• View test progression as a running man on screen.
• Real time display of VO2 Max, total distance, total laps, current stage and stage laps during a test.
• Record scores during a test for a team of up to 40 players.
• Save scores for multiple teams/groups of players.
• View past scores (Stage and level, VO2 Max and total distance) on a graph for the whole team or highlight a single player to show detailed score information.
• Optional voice announcement of stage number when moving to the next stage.
• Optional vibrate on bleep for running with iPhone in your pocket.
• Bleeps also play when device is locked and/or muted.

Accurate timing when running the bleep test is vital to get an accurate assessment of individual player fitness. We guarantee the timing of the bleeps on our range of bleep test apps are correct to 1/100th of a second compared with the corresponding official soundtrack (as tested on iPhone and iPod Touch devices).

Copyright: Original PC software, V1 2004 - Running Man Graphic for MSFT, V2 2006 - Team Statistics Graph and Player Highlight, V3 2007 - MSFT Scripts/Custom Fitness Tests, © Bitworks Design