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* NEW & NOTEWORTHY Entertainment Nov 2010 *
What happened the last time you took a personality test?
My last experience went something like this...

- The test I took had way too many questions
- The whole process took 8 hours - way too long
- The room I was in didn’t have a single window
- Someone put my results, and everyone else’s results, on a whiteboard
- Because of this, everyone was supposed to communicate better with one another


Most of us left the room feeling exposed and vulnerable - feeling like we’d just helped someone else gather personal data to use against us. Most of us felt shut-down, now communicating more poorly in relationships that were usually open and comfortable.

How did that help again?

But...Now there’s a personality tool that we can use, for ourselves - one that can be taken in a park with sunshine, or in a bar with friends. Now there’s an effective tool for when we’re in good moods or bad, happy or sad. Now there’s something that will live and move with us, every time we play. Now we can ask our friends to give us feedback, so that we can compare their view with our own, and bridge the gap between internal and external perceptions. Oh yeah, and now there is something that is fun, engaging and simple; something that can be taken in less than 3-5 minutes - anywhere - on your iPhone, or your iPad, or both.

Unique in its method, its format and results, WhoRYou? not only helps you answer the question, it helps you understand the answers, and provides simple and enlightening tips on how to improve. In addition, it provides you with an average score over time, that constantly updates as you play the game.

It’s designed to be entertaining - because it’s a game specifically for you. But according to the ‘white-coats’ that created the tool...‘it’s all in there’...just a lot more fun.

We know who we are (well, maybe)...but the question is...



Three versions are planned for release:
WhoRYou? 1.0: What’s Your Score? - Establish your own average score over time
WhoRYou? 2.0: Balancing Act - Get feedback from others so they can score you
WhoRYou? 3.0: WorldWide Results - See where you compare against others

WhoRYou? will be on sale at its current price until Version 2.0 - so get it now. Enjoy your improvements and the game’s improvements in the future - for no additional cost.