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iAdd Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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iAdd is a new approach towards productivity. It's based on a life management framework called ADD, which in turns takes its name from Assess, Decide, Do. Those are stages, or realms in which we are using our focus.

Many productivity methodologies are based exclusively on the Do realm, while leaving the other two main areas of our activities untouched.

iAdd aims to integrate this life management framework in a very simple and easy to use app.


Assess - overload your internal system with information: add tasks, ideas, events or projects. This is the place where you can edit or delete information. ADD enforces a single entry point for overloading your system.

Decide - "sign the contract" to actually do that task or project. You do this by bounding the task to your physical environment: setting up a time-frame and a specific context.

Do - you see only what you decided earlier. Not extra clutter, not floating tasks or events, only what you decide you really want to do.

And yet, all the other available info would be available in the Assess or Decide at any time.


iAdd Features:

- sync your data wireless via 3G, EDGE or WiFi between iPhone and iPad apps via iCloud

- send tasks, events, projects or ideas by email

- powerful life management framework, enforcing a smooth workflow to help you not only get things done, but also have a real life :-)

- unique insertion point (the Assess realm)

- local alerts for tasks and events

- unlimited number of contexts and collections

- unlimited number of tasks, ideas, events and projects

- brainstorm your projects first with ideas, and then transform them into projects with a simple touch


iAdd Lite has all the features of the iAdd paid app, except the number of items you can have at any time in any realm (Assess, Decide, Do) for any type of data is limited to 5. iAdd Lite is intended to give you a full experience of the paid iAdd app.