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iPhone / iPad
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This application give you a direct and quick method to access well-used web sites which mainly are in JAPANESE.
These sites provide a lot of helpful information about life, work, study, etc.
You also can learn Japanese by viewing these pages.

1, You can view 700 web sites without inputting URL and starting the default browser in your device.

2, You can reorder the menus on Index screen, and move your favorite items on the first.
Touch the Edit button on the Index screen, then try to move the row while touching the right gray marks on the row.

3, You can save the screen shot to photos or mail the page's link to your friends while viewing the web page.

4, This application provide the following functions that help you to shift web pages quickly.
go back, go forward and tabbed views(the max count of tabbed views is 6).

5, Support full screen mode
If your use this application in landscape mode, the toolbar on the screen will be hidden, so that you can view the page in full screen mode. if you turn the device to portrait mode, the toolbar will be shown again.

6, History function
All the pages you viewed will be recorded in the history, you can view them again from the history screen.

7, Bookmark function
You can add your favorite pages into bookmark.

7, In the index, bookmark and history screen, the items are divided into following 21 categories:

0, User guide of iPhone/iPad
1, Company and Business
2, Statistics and Ranking
3, Government sites
4, Prefectures and Local information
5, Event and Seminar
6, Economy and Money
7, Manner and Ceremonial occasion
8, Publication
9, About PC
10, Entertainment
11, Sports
12, News and Media
13, Weather
14, Dictionary&Example and Unit
15, Travel and Hotel
16, Map, Road and Car
17, Time, Route and Airline
18, Post, Telephone and Delivery
19, Life and Health
20, Price and Shopping

Supported languages(UI): English, Japan, Chinese