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Converter Konvertor with Calculator for iPad

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Converter for iPad allows you to quickly convert the most common length, weight, volume, area, speed and temperature units. It's been specifically designed to help dealing with the metric and imperial unit conversions and be as simple to use as possible.
It also packs a sleek numerical Calculator letting you make further calculations within the application.

Application highlights:
- No scrolling or picking from a list involved. Just touch a conversion unit, type in the number and see the conversion results in ALL available units at the same time.

- Numerical calculator is included as well. It allows you to make further calculations from within the Converter application. It's an immediate execution type of a calculator, ideal for making compounding calculations.

- Inches can be entered three different ways:
- as a plain number: 1 (with or without ")
- as a decimal number: 1.5 (with or without ")
- or the imperial way: 1/2 or 1-2/3 (with or without ' ")

- Feet conversion results are displayed two ways a can also be entered the same way:
- as a decimal number: 5.74 (with or without ')
- as feet and inches: 5'9"

This is very useful, for example when trying to figure out someone's height in feet and inches, coming from a metric system (175cm = 5'9'') or the other way around coming from an imperial system and trying to figure out what those feet'inches'' equal to (5'9'' = 175cm)

- Quick copy results to the iOS pasteboard:
Just touch any of the small buttons (mm, cm, in, etc.) and the result will be automatically copied into the iOS pasteboard allowing you to easily "paste it" somewhere else (for example the built-in Calculator or somewhere else)
You can choose between rounded and label based pasteboard buttons.

- The application was designed with localization in mind supporting English, Español, Français, Dansk, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Russian (Русский), Svenska, Suomi, Turkish (Türkçe), Česky, Polish, Română, Arabic (العربية), Bahasa Melayu, Hebrew (עברית), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어) and Simplified Chinese (简体中文) languages. The application displays everything in one of the localized languages. If your language is not listed above, the default English language will be used.

This application is also available for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. Please search for HEFESOFT at the iTunes application store.

If you like this application, PLEASE leave a positive review on iTunes. Please support an independent software developer. Thank you!