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The eBOARD Meetings app will enable board members, staff and public to access meeting agendas and packets natively on an iPad. Development and administration of meeting agendas requires a subscription to the eBOARD meetings module. All administration of meeting agendas is done through a web browser.

While the application has always been available for the iPad using the Safari web browser, the eBOARD Meetings app enhances the user experience on an iPad device through a simplified user interface. Unlike other paperless meeting tools, eBOARD allows subscribers to manage multiple meeting types, whether public or internal. Many school systems across the country have found that they initially subscribed to eBOARD to manage board meetings but are now using this tool for managing agendas for internal cabinet meetings as well as public school council meetings. The new iPad app will allow access via the iPad to all of these types of meetings based upon user permissions.

Key Features
* Management of multiple meeting types
* Note-taking for those with "sticky notes" permissions
* Simple search tool to quickly find information contained in current or prior meeting agendas
* Access to public or internal meeting agendas and item details depending upon user permissions
* Ability to flag specific system sites or meeting types as favorites" for quicker access
* Alignment of agenda items to goals in strategic plan

Advantages for Board Members, Staff, and Public
The board members and staff will be able to access meeting agendas with their iPads and record notes prior to or during meetings. The public will also be able to access publicly posted meeting agendas via either the free iPad app or via a traditional computer web browser. With eBOARD, systems can keep the board, staff and public fully informed about agenda items and the supporting documentation material. eBOARD also gives users the ability to search past items and back up material with ease which will help stakeholder know what has been done before, why and how these items align to the system’s strategic or local school plans.

About eBOARD
eBOARD is a web-based governance tool that helps organizations by:

* Providing a single source for access to pertinent data for effective decision-making
* Giving stakeholders easy access to information through advanced search capabilities
* Saving time and money by streamlining workflow and eliminating paper dependency
* Enhancing communications with all stakeholders

eBOARD Modules include:
* Strategic Plan - Monitor, track, manage and report on the organization's strategic plan to all stakeholders
* Meetings - Streamline agenda preparation and enhance the effectiveness of all meetings (not just board meetings)
* Evaluation – Enhance, align and streamline governance and leadership evaluations and assessments.
* Policy - Publish policies, regulations and exhibits for easy access by all stakeholders
* Communications - Improve communications with all stakeholders
* Documents - Build an online library for easy access to important documents

About eBOARDsolutions
eBOARDsolutions (EBS) is the leader in the effective integration of technology and governance. EBS products are used by over 180 local boards of education, state boards of education, state agencies and associations.