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iPic2Voice is the only App thanks to which you can easily link pictures to sounds by yourself! From now on you’ll be able to design your own "vocal image book" with which your kids will play and learn endlessly… by themselves!

For each of the 24 possible pictures :
- you select a picture from your iPhone’s library,
- you record a voice or a sound with the microphone of your iPhone,
- you type in a small title (if you want !) that’ll be displayed over the picture,

... then you can play ! Just press whatever picture and you’ll hear its sound!
If you press several pictures together you’ll hear a symphony ^^.

There were many Apps already thanks to which you could play sounds when pressing pictures (animal, objects, musical instruments), but iPic2Voice is the first one you can choose Picture+Sound+Text according to YOUR need !

- You want your toddler to learn the name of specific objects, but think it’s more fun if he/she hears the voice of her Grand-mother saying the words or singing ! For instance, you put the picture of your own car, and either you record the voice saying « car » or record your voice making the sound of it (“Vrrrrrrrrr“)! This can be especially fun for the sounds of animals ;-)

- You live far from your family, and you want your kid to remember that his siblings love him/her. You can select a picture for each member of the family, ask them to tell sweet words for your kids (this is possible with a simple phone-call). Everyday, your kid will press the pictures and hear loving declarations…

- You want your children to learn object names in a different language.

- You’re going to have a very important meeting, and you want to impress the people who will attend: you select their pictures (cf LinkedIn for instance), record their names, and now you can train to recognize them! On D day, you’ll be able to go right to Steve Smith calling him “Steve” without any hesitation!

- In “Play” mode, you need to move the slider at the bottom of the screen in order to access the “edition” mode. This guarantees that your little kids won’t modify your settings.
- Possibility to switch between earphones mode and speaker mode (please bear in mind that playing this game at doctor’s can be quite embarrassing in speaker mode…).
- Unlimited recording possibilities and durations.

Depending on the use of this App, and if you confirm the need, we plan to develop following features:
- possibility to create as many projects as you want inside iPic2Voice (for instance: one set of pictures for each of your kids, or 1 set of pictures of each group of objects or animals etc.).
- possibility to save the pictures and related sounds by e-mail so that you can send them to your friends/family.
Please let us know if that sounds good to you !
If you have suggestions or want to report a problem, please let me know at contact[at] I’ll do my best to answer you ASAP!