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THE GOLDEN DOOR, Universal Laws; Teachings of Eunice Jean Hurt

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The stewardship of the teachings of Eunice Jean Hurt was given to John Campbell by Brugh Joy last winter. Eunice was their principal teacher and awakener. (Brugh writes of her in "Joy's Way", chapter five, pgs. 96-104). These teachings, named by Eunice, "The Golden Door" were presented and recorded at twenty-four Tuesday evening classes held in Los Angeles, Oct. 71'-April 72'.

This app contains over 20 hours of audio from the seminars.

The recordings were given to Brugh at the time of Eunice's death and have been in his safekeeping for 33 years. These esoteric spiritual teachings were offered once only and Brugh and I had the priviledge of being in attendance. This course of training prepared us for the road of life and the work that lay ahead of us.

"The intensity of her teaching, so unselfishly showered on the small groups of individuals during the last nine months of her life, cannot be summarized fully-or even shared partially-without distortion. I can say that it was like riding on the back of a winged horse as she took each of us into dimension after dimension of conciousness beyond the ordinary,through the power of her inducting field, sharing wisdoms in the art of healing and in the achievement of self-realization" Brugh Joy in "Joy's Way", pg.100.

Audio Chapters include:

1. Introduction

2. The Quickening of Spirit

3. Meditation and Concentration

4. Understanding

5. Divine Love and the Law

6. Channels and Mediums

7. Prayer

8. Love

9. The Law

10. Dreams

11. Substance-Male/Female

12. The Discipline of Meditation

13. The Creative Powers

14. The Peace that Passeth Understanding

15. Dreamwork and Sleep

16. Faith

17. Works

18. Awakening the Forces

19. The Keys to the Kingdom

20. The Gifts and Powers of Spirit

21. The Ineffable Power

22. The Soul

23. The Audible Life Stream

24. Benediction