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Thermic Effect of Exercise

Your thermic effect of exercise (TEE) is the energy expended due to activity over and above your BMR. To estimate your total daily Caloric expenditure you need to add your TEE to your BMR.
As implied by its name, your TEE depends on how active you are. To simplify the estimation of your TEE we will define five levels of activity: Inactive, Lightly Active, Modestly Active, Active, and Extremely Active. These levels are defined below.

Inactive: Sometimes under the care of someone else. Resting metabolic rate plus a factor for minimal activities - playing cards, watching TV, reading, etc.

Lightly Active: Most students, office workers, and professionals; lawyers, doctors, shop workers, teachers, drivers, lab workers, playing a musical instrument, housewives/househusbands with mechanical appliances, unemployed persons. This includes eight hours sleep and 16 hours of sitting or standing. Three of the 16 hours must include light activity (walking, laundry, golf, ping pong) and one hour must be moderate activity (tennis, dancing, walking briskly, aerobics, etc.).

Modestly: Most persons in light industry, electrical, carpentry and building trades (excluding heavy laborers), many farm workers, soldiers not in active service, commercial fishermen, housewives/househusbands without mechanical appliances. If you have an office or driving occupation (see Lightly Active category), you may have to average 1.5 to 2 hours of exercise per day (like jogging 5 to 6 miles/day) to be "Moderately Active."

Active: Full time athletes, unskilled laborers, some agricultural workers (especially peasant farming), forestry workers, army recruits and soldiers in active service, mine workers, steel workers. This level requires moderate intensity activity for most of the work day or exercise comparable to running 9 to 13 miles/day.

Extremely Active: Lumberjacks, blacksmiths, female construction workers, heavy manual digging, rickshaw pullers, and coal mining. Moderate to high level of physical activity for most of the work day or exercise comparable to running 14 to 17 miles/day.

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