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Let's Buzz!

iPhone / iPad
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Welcome to Let's Buzz!

This is a version of the popular Buzz! game you can play against your cellphone, in case there are no friends around.

The rules are simple:

On the "setup" page you can pick one or more digits (preset to the digit 3). On the "play" page a counter will constantly increase its value by one. You and the iPhone take turns. If the current number on display contains one of the selected digits you have to call (press) "Buzz!" Also - if the number is a multiple of any of the selected digits you have to press "Buzz!" as well. If not, press "Number". For instance, you selected the digit 3. Then it is a "Buzz!" if the current number is 43 (it contains a 3) and the same is true for 27, for example, as 27 is a multiple of 3 (9 * 3). Of course, if you choose several digits, it will become difficult.

That's it, but don't be fooled it can get quite challenging!

There are a few more options on the "setup" page. You can adjust the speed of the number increment. This sets the time interval in which you have to decide whether to press "Number" or "Buzz" - if you don't you lose. You can turn on or off the number display, if it is off you have to remember which one is the current number (the game always starts with 2). Finally you can turn on the training mode, the device will track the number of mistakes you make but it won't stop the game.

For each combination of digits and speeds the program will keep track of the high score (you can erase the high score file in the "setup" window).

There is a kind of "cheat" option - you can press "Pause" anytime during the game to give yourself more time for the right answer, your phone won't punish you for that.