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Fire Fighter Titans Lite

iPhone / iPad
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*** Featured in the app store: New and Noteworthy for Arcade and Family in the US..
*** Climbed to Top 100 in several countries now as well!

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What did you want to be when you grew up? Did it involve sitting in that cramped grey cubicle, surrounded by piercing fluorescent lights, wasting away in a nondescript bland office building all day?

Now imagine the job you have wanted since you were a kid--a fire fighter! No more angry bosses or whiny co-workers. No more burnt coffee or unexplainable lumps in the cafeteria’s meat loaf. This is your chance to be a hero! Get Fire Fighter Titans and experience the adrenaline of a day fighting 3-alarm fires and saving lives.

Fire Fighter Titans challenges you to put out fires and rescue trapped victims using the following five tools:

- Fire Hose - Douse the flames and keep the fire from spreading out of control.
- Life Net - Catch victims as they jump from windows to escape the blaze.
- Axe - Break down doors to free trapped victims.
- Bucket Ladder - Pluck victims from windows.
- Extinguisher Bomb - Fire extinguisher plus duct tape plus a dash of C-4. Need we say more?

Your main objective is to put out all of the fires in a building. As the blaze intensifies, fires will spread to adjacent windows. Points are awarded based on the extent of the damage to the building once the fire is finally out.

At the same time, you must rescue any victims that appear in windows or behind doors. If a third of the victims in a building die, game over. As you progress, fires will become more intense, buildings will get larger and more populated, and victims will become more erratic.

Custom Control Layout: Maximize your effectiveness by creating a custom control layout tailored to your style of firefighting. Move your tools around the screen and arrange them to find the layout that works best for you and your fingers.

The alarm has sounded. The fire is spreading.
Do you have what it takes?