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Cafe Fantasia

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Action
  • Puzzle
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It is a puzzle game that mixes the drink "CafeFantasia" from four kinds of materials of coffee, milk, the chocolate, and the orange.

*Game Mode*
1.DARADARA PLAY-----Endless mode
2.TIME TRIAL---------Score attack mode of about three minutes
3.OMAKE------------Extra mode

1.The material is mixed by the flick operation.
・The position changes places for the combination that cannot be mixed.
・The score that can be gotten increases if it mixes it continuously.

2.It explodes if the CafeFantasia is done in the tap operation.
・The bonus point enters in proportion to the number of CafeFantasia explosions and the number of materials.
・When another CafeFantasia exists to be near, it is inviting and does explosions.

3. When the shake gesture or the shake button is pushed, the material is shuffled.
After it shuffles, it is likely to be mixed.

4. When materials reach the line on most, it is game over.

*Rule of mixture*
・Coffee + milk = coffee milk
・Coffee milk + chocolate = mocha JAVA
・Mocha JAVA + orange = CafeFantasia


1.It side scrolls by the finger flick of horizontal direction two (Excluding the OMAKE mode).
2.One step is raised by two finger flick for above.