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Electromag is an educative application in support to a high-school or university course of electromagnetism.
It contains not only a memorandum of the basic equations, but it also contains approximately twenty animations illustrating the various concepts of electromagnetism.

This application runs also on iPad and iPod Touch 3rd generation and later.

49 screens of electromagnetism!

For teachers !! Connect your iPad with a video projector and show the animations to your students in classroom.

List of covered subjects:

Electrostatics: Coulomb'sLaw, Electric Field, Gauss Theorem, Electric Potential, Capacitance.

Electric Current: Current and Resistance, Circuits.

Magnetism: Magnetic Field, Magnetic Fields Due to Currents, Electromagnetic Induction, Inductance.

Electromagnetism: Maxwell Equations, Wave Equation.

Physical Constants.

Each section contains at least one animation of which some in 3D.

List of animations:
- Coulomb's law,
- Electric field lines,
- Movement of a charge in electric field,
- Electric dipole,
- Lead-acid battery,
- Torque on a current loop (in 3D),
- Charge in magnetic field,
- Cyclotron,
- Induction field due to a current in a long straight wire (in 3D),
- Generator (in 3D).