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ASW Air Canada

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This application gives you the details about an airline's aircraft interior ; tap a seat and you're shown the seat location, its class (first, coach, etc), the width, pitch and amount the seat reclines (if any), what forms of in-flight entertainment the seat has, and what might influence sitting in a particular place (closeness to bulkheads, bathrooms, emergency exits, galleys, etc), being over a wing or not, or some combination of these.
This version of the app is Air Canada-specific.
When your flight is done, you can give the seat and/or the flight overall a rating from 1 to 10. To add a rating, choose the 'add a rating' choice you want (airport / flight / seat) from the menu on the applications start screen, then type in the flight number ( unless your giving an airport a rating ).
If rating a seat, choose the seat from the pick list (a letter and a number) and the type of aircraft you flew on; from the other pick list choose the date and time of the flight. Then choose 1-10 from the bar at the bottom, and press the 'Save Rating' button.
If rating a flight, choose the to and from airports from the pick list; from the other pick list, choose the date and time of the flight. When you pick the airports, the name, state and the international code for the airport will display below the rolling pick list. Then choose 1-10 from the bar at the bottom, and press the 'Save Rating' button.
The application also lets you rate an airport the airline flies to and from on a one to ten scale ; pick an airport from the list, a one- to ten- rating, and press the 'Save Rating' button.
The rating of the lounges operated by Air Canada around the world can be made , working the same way as airport ratings (one pick list, a 1 - 10 choice, and a 'Save Rating' button.
The airport, flight, or seat rating is sent from your phone (or wireless iPod) to a database, and this stores the rating you made, or displays a message if the rating cannot be saved.

The 'View Ratings' item on the start menu can be used to learn what rating other users of the application have given to an airport, flight or a seat.
Other main menu choices let you see the airlines website, their executives, and the current price if the airline is not private (if you're an investor, say).
Other menu choices show the rights you have as a passenger (the laws of the country that is home to the airline), another shows you the Canadian governments code-of-conduct for airlines.

Questions or feedback? See our website, send an email. For general docs / help with the application, touch the 'Docs' button in the bar below the main menu.