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Karate Shito Ryu 1st Dan Black Belt HD

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This application was designed to accompany karatekas when obtaining different belts. It is a result of straight

collaboration between Daniel Ceron and Frederic Dumont. Ceron is a Shito-Ryu karate professor(6th dan), a former student of Master Hidetoshi Nakahashi and a graduate of Master Mabuni's Uchi Deschi. Dumont, on the other hand, is a professional photographer and computer graphist which holds 1st dan in Shito–Ryu karate.

For 16.99$ you can benefit from

- A help with all traditional katas and bukais necessary for your advancement from white to black belt.
- Black belt 1st dan FFKAMA 2010-2011 formal program with 5 pinans and naifachin shodan.
- Autonomy and independence thanks to iphone.

This is an easy to use application which permits to

Improve your katas
- Apply / Combine your katas with your bunkais
- Visualize your movements in space
- Zoom on your position in all moments
- Find a position or technique name
- Visualize a complete kata thanks to a

Table of contents

1. Shodan
2. Nidan
3. Sandan
4. Yondan
5. Godan
6. Naifanchin Shodan
7. BONUS : Tenshô et Sanchin

Next to come

- Kids pack (eleven katas)
- 2nd to 5th dan FFKAMA + BONUS pack

Katas are performed by Daniel Ceron

Photography and computer graphics by Frederic Dumont