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Bygone Days

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Bygone Days is a historical photography app.

Rediscover America through this interactive photography book-app, featuring hundreds of vintage photos and 360° renderings of relics from Old West. Experience the "The Greatest Generation" in a completely new way: Through the eyes, artifacts, and spirit of those who lived it.

-Hundreds of vintage photos from 1907-1957
-Unique 360° renderings of relics from Old West
-Film and video newsreels of South Dakota’s rich history, including the construction of Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument
-Reader participation through Facebook and Twitter keeps the story alive with your comments, memories and facts
-An exclusive audio introduction by acclaimed author and artist Patti Smith
-Newspaper articles retrieved from archives and more

The Bygone Days Story

When he wasn't herding sheep, John Penor spent the first half of the 20th century taking pictures of life in Bison, South Dakota. He recorded everything from sandlot baseball and amateur rodeo to simple scenes of family life on the farm. One day, John's photographs were boxed up and forgotten. Fifty years later, John's grandnephew, acclaimed photographer Steven Sebring, stumbled across the box of photos on the old family homestead. As he delicately examined the photos, Steven realized that he had discovered a time capsule from a lost era. Awed by their exceptional beauty, Steven compiled John's photos and created Bygone Days, a never-before-seen journey into the past.

With cutting-edge technology and exquisite design, the Bygone Days app sets a new standard for the app experience. View John Penor's photography on a stunningly crisp display. Delve into history with newspaper articles from the period. Examine homestead relics from every angle with 360° renderings. Watch newsreels of the era's great achievements. Listen to exclusive audio tracks, including legendary artist Patti Smith's interpretation of "days, bygone," as well as an original "Bygone Days" theme by renowned musician, Lenny Kaye.

Bygone Days is not only a multimedia experience, but membership into a community. Through the app's dynamic social interface, you can enter a conversation, engage with the material, and celebrate America's heritage with readers across the country. Discuss John Penor's photos in real time. Communicate with author Steven Sebring. Share your passions. Tell tales. Ask questions. Make your own contribution to the story. In the telling and the retelling, the sharing and the commentary, the Bygone Days app provides an expansive, ongoing experience that is memorable in its own right.

It is the story of a single family. It is the story of an entire nation.