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€uro Coins HD

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EuroCoinsHD is the most comprehensive application with complete data and images of all euros issued for circulation in the 19 European Union nations. The eight standard denominations as well as all 2 Euro Commemorative coins are included in the extensive database. Images, mintage figures and current values are shown for the nearly 1700 coins minted since the inception of the euro in 1999 until the present.
This powerful, interactive program for the iPad will assist you whether you are a serious collector wanting a portable method of managing your collection, or someone who is merely curious about the value of an old or new coin. The program offers a wide-range of unique features. Our extensive built-in database displays the market value of any selected coin. The ability to save your coin records maintains an ongoing inventory of items you own, as well as coins you wish to add to your collection.
Coin values in EuroCoinsHD are derived from a number of industry sources (dealers, auctions, catalogs, etc.) and represent the current retail market value. This program is designed to assist in estate planning, insuring your collection and to find out if you have a valuable coin that deserves further appraisal.
Some unique features found in EuroCoinsHD:
- Complete historical background information of each coin is displayed.
- Creates a list of the coins you own selected from our database of every Euro, using interactive entry screens.
- Determines the value of your coins. You can also record your purchase price.
- Creates an Excepton list of coins you wish to add to your collection - a handy tool for planning purchases online or from a coin dealer or at a coin show.
- Links to other relevant coin collecting apps are provided from within the program.
- Editable Value fields permit you to re-evaluate the total investment of your personal collection -- useful for estate planning and insuring your collection.
- Displays a detailed listing of your coins and the value of your collection and maintains this list for record-keeping purposes. Either the Owned or Exception list may be emailed from within the program.
- Offers a link to European coin dealers, which enhances the ability to both buy and sell coins of any grade or denomination.
Collecting is fun, profitable and now made even easier and more accessible with EuroCoinsHD!