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Stinky Maps Max

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Smell it. Map it. Share it.
Introducing Stinky Maps for the iPad, the new app for mapping smells around the world. Ever walk past a bakery and think, “wow, that smells amazing?” Want to share it with the world? You can with Stinky Maps. Simply pin your location on the map and feel good knowing you’ve shared with the world this wonderfully sinful scent. Want it to work the other way (read: “Holy crap, that pasture sure reeks of manure)? Not a problem. Stinky Maps encourages you to share the good, the bad and the ugly.
It’s super easy. Touch a few buttons and come to a screen with a map called Sniff Around. Here, you see little clouds that represent stinky posts. Touch the clouds to hear sound effects that emphasize the smell description like a sneeze for ‘funky’ or a scream for ‘profane’. Choose the “Your Nose Only” button to see only your own posts, or pick “Everybody Smells” to see Stinky posts worldwide.

Make an Aroma Album. Post stinks of places where you are, where you’ve been and where you go.

Route your travels by fragrance. Walk by a rose bush on your way to work? Post it. Pass a dumpster that you want to avoid? Add it to the map! Now you’ll know which way to go.

Hey, go follow your nose!

- colorful graphics
- sound effects