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HourBill - fast time + expense management, timesheet and billing

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Finance
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HourBill keeps track of your expenses and/or hours spent. It features fast data entry, a clean user interface designed for at-a-glance readability, strong support, a robust off-site multi-level backup-and-restore system, and it is immensely configurable.

HourBill is time and expense billing software reinvented for speed and efficiency. It's all about workflow.

Here is what HourBill gives you:

• free remote backups going back in time. Every backup remains available as a Restorable snapshot. (Unlimited in the Unlocked version.)

• direct input of times on app startup: tap Enter, and you're done. This is like a timer on steroids: you can change the start or end time immediately if you choose; you don't have to enter the time at all if the time is now.

• create Phrases that are stored in the app and can be reused to reduce or eliminate the need to type notes for entries or accounts/invoices. (The free version is restricted to 5 Phrases in each category.)

• an Undo/Redo system for data entered into an account, invoice or entry screen.

• generate invoices corresponding to billing periods, either on demand, or automatically in the background on a monthly, bimonthly, biweekly or weekly basis on a day of your choosing.

• a calendar view which lets you inspect and edit the entries for any given day, in the Unlocked (paid) version.

• email a report of any account or invoice, the entries for a day, or the entire contents of the app, to an address from your Contacts, in html or CSV for export to other apps such as Numbers or Excel. (The calendar and CSV capabilities are restricted to the Unlocked version.)

• the contents of an account or invoice, the entries for a day (in the Unlocked version,) or the entire contents of the app, may also be printed out.

• express hours worked in a variety of time formats and minimum time increments, ranging from military time to the half hour, independently for each account.

• if you're entering an expense, tap the Mode switch to expenses if you're not already there, and tap in the amount.

• switch accounts or create a new account with a tap and a swipe as soon as you start the app.

• start or end a time block with one tap, which makes taking breaks off the clock easy.

• transition from one job to the next with just a couple of taps.

• enter or express entries in terms of start and end times, or in terms of hours worked, or as an expense, independently for each account or entry.

• multiple rounding options in the Unlocked version.

• automatic flagging of accounts for the presence of incomplete entries.

• all aspects of an entry are editable at any time after it's created.

• a PIN option in the Unlocked version.

• back up at the touch of a button, or set the app to back up your current data
automatically whenever the app is started. The best backup system is the one you use.

• restore all of your data from any of your backups at the touch of a button. Tap and you're there! It doesn't get any easier.

• transfer backup files between devices with HourBill installed, restoring one device from the backup file created on another.

If you have any questions or comments about HourBill, or bug reports, we'd love to hear from you at our App Support link ([email protected]). You can also reach us with the 'Email The Developer' button in HourBill's Help screen. We want to make it all simple. Nobody gives better support than we do. Tell us what's going on.

Please report bugs to us directly. We respond to everything. But note that we have no way of responding to issues raised in reviews on the App Store. It has to come directly to us, and the context you provide for it is often quite valuable, as we work through it together.

HourBill is now built for iOS 8! Onwards and upwards!