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The Wonders of the Jungle (II), Sarath Kumar Ghosh

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The Wonders of the Jungle is the book written by Sarath Kumar Ghosh. The author think that perhaps the best method of
teaching it is to set forth the characteristics of animals in the form of a narrative.
Then the child reads the narrative with pleasure and almost as a story, not as a tedious "lesson."

The author give a letter to his young readers:


My dear, I am now going to tell you many more Wonders of the Jungle, as
I promised to do in Book I.

In that Book, as you will remember, I promised to tell you more about
the elephants and about the laws of their herd. So I shall do so now.

Then I shall tell you about some animals which I did not describe in
Book I. Among these you may like to know especially about the tiger, the
lion, the leopard, and the wolf.

You may like to know how really clever some of these animals are, and
how some of them have affections, just as we have.

But while you are reading about them, you must try to think. Then you
will understand why these animals do certain things. And that will
show how clever you are!

I have used a few new words in this Book. But I am sure you know them

Now I shall begin with the laws of the elephants.