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Lite Browser!

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Lite Browser is the simplest and fastest web browser in the AppStore.
Advantages: Fast browsing at full screen.
Disadvantages: No extra functionalities. Thats what makes it good.

No extra processing interferes in the browser engine.
Thats why we can assure that Lite Browser is the fastest browser.

Before running the application you can modify the configuration from system settings:
- Home Page: By default
- Show status bar: Shows or hides the system status bar. By default OFF
- Enable multitasking (iOS 4 only): Allows the application to run in the background on iOS4. By default OFF.
- Tap with fire fingers to go home. Tapping on any part of the screen with five fingers returns to the home page. By default ON.
- Keyboard Transparency: None/Low/Medium/High. By default None.
- User Agent: Renders the webpages identifying the system as iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Do not download this application without knowing that:
- Lite Browser is not practical as mail browser, only for specific tasks.
- Lite Browser does not have a URL bar to specify a new page to visit.
- Lite Browser allows private browsing as it does not save any history or cookies.
- Lite Browser has been programmed with the only goal of optimizing speed.
- Lite Browser with it use allows comparing the loading speed of other browsers.
- Lite Browser is the web browser that takes less memory.

Practical examples:
- Using Lite Browser to demonstrate a web page we have created.
- Using Lite Browser as a shortcut to view our favorite web page at full screen.
- Using Lite Browser as a privacy browser. In this case it is recommended disabling the multitasking in case you are using iOS 4 to prevent the application from staying in background. (Settings->Enable multitasking->OFF).
- Using Lite Browser to view your own Blog.

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