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CalReader - Readability, Calculations, Export

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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CalReader provides calendar readability, TEXT/CSV/TSV export, and time calculations. Choose your favorite font and size for maximum readability. Filter event listings by date range, calendar, and search text, and export listings and time calculations at TEXT, CSV, or TSV files. CalReader features time analysis and can calculate an invoice billing amount and time log for a given filter setup, total hours and rate per hour.

CalReader can be used to log events on work/home projects. CalReader integrates iOS, OS X and CalDAV calendars including Mac OS X Server, Google and Yahoo calendars, and provides a unique tool for journals, diaries and event logs. CalReader's unique flexibility makes for easy browsing/reading of one's history or future. The events listing view optionally displays ALL of the text of an event in an easy to read format.

Calendar Filtering
• Choose a date range to filter the visible events and to calculate hours and produce time logs.
• Easily choose a single calendar, multiple calendars or all of your iCal calendars for viewing.
• Search selected calendars for text, keywords or phrases.
• The search function can be used to search for times or dates. For example, find all events in the date range that start at "9:00 AM", or events on the date "11/4/10".

Export Listings and Calculations
• The export text generated by the Copy Text With Calculations command includes a header with the current calendar names, date range and optional search text.
• Copy the filtered calendar text, with or without calculations, and then paste the text to other types of applications, or tap E-Mail Text to deliver the calendar text via e-mail.
• E-mail CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or TSV (Tab-Separated Values) event listing files as attachments.
• The Calculations view displays the total hours for the filtered event set and calculates the total amount using your rate per hour, useful for invoices / billing. Calculations also displays the event count, average, minimum and maximum duration for the current set of events.

Display Customization
• Customize the font and size of the calendar text for best readability: large text is easy on the eyes, or small text for high density information.
• Use pinch touch gestures to instantly change the size of the text.
• Choose from various view styles using calendar colors, or no colors.
• Choose to view all text of each item, or limit the number of lines (1-5) for a quick overview.

• Week and Month select: Previous, This, Next buttons provide fast one-tap date range selections. Use Previous and Next buttons repeatedly to move the date range window through time.
• Go To Today and Go To Date actions provide quick navigation.
• Speak Events uses the device’s text-to-speech capabilities to speak the currently visible events.
• The Filter settings, Actions, Display, Calculations and Extras sections are neatly accessible without scrolling and searching for functions.
• Tap the Done button for direct return to the main CalReader view after performing functions or settings changes.
• Event listings include the duration for each event.
• Events close to the current time are highlighted in the listing view with a gradient of orange displayed along the right edge, most intense for events close to the current time, fading off for events within 24 hours before and after the current time.
• The filter settings of CalReader are quite useful and let you see complete listings of events that match a date range, calendar set, and a text phrase, and you can easily read all of the text in the filtered set of events.
• You can choose to see all of the event text for all displayed events in the list, or truncated text and more items per screen.
• Update Notification sound indicates that the calendar has been updated either locally or remotely.

• Filter and view preferences are restored when the app is restarted.
• Support for all device orientations, portrait and landscape.