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Task Tub

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  • Productivity
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Task Tub is an amazingly intuitive and flexible task manager that draws on inspiration from the Japanese kanban board used by agile software development methods. Task Tub has the perfect balance between simplicity, flexibility and usefulness.

Create tasks by tapping the '+' symbol. Use drag-and-drop to move tasks between tubs, or reorder tasks in a tub. Tap the star to mark a task as important. Swipe to delete a task.

Use the built-in Settings app to change the name of a tub, or to customize the display of the badge icon number.

Our favorite tub labels are:
* Unsorted, This Week, Today
* Work, Home, Other
* Low, Medium, High
* Unsorted, Friends, College
* Ready, working, complete

Feedback from users:

"I like task tub - it is a great front end to getting things sorted for the day. I can think of a million ways to 'improve' it but most would just complicate it."

"Task tub is a simple and yet very effective kanban board."

"Recommend to download and try. Simple, useful and easy to understand - the Apple way."